About the Woodchuck
about us imageWelcome to my little corner of the galaxy... I'm The Woodchuck.

The Woodchuck manufacturing facility is located on a distant planet with two moons. They are an impartial supplier and are happy to provide services to Imperials, galactic denizens, bounty hunters or even members of the Rebel Alliance.*

WoodChuck's workshop is known to the locals as "The Hole-In-The-Wall". It is literally carved out of a huge hole in the side of one of the planet's canyons, facing the dark side of the smaller moon. There is plenty of space within the shop for prop construction, and an area up front to showcase new products. A full mind scan and body mass 3D photo will be taken of all those who enter the workshop. All weapons must be scanned upon entry. Two attack droids are stationed just within the entrance, just to keep everyone honest and friendly.

PLEASE NOTE: All items are offered for sale on a commission basis only. There is no available inventory, as each item is custom-made and/or modified to the customer's needs.

Contact: for pricing information.

So have a look around... feel free to contact me... or, if you're in my neck of the galaxy, stop by and say, "hi." (Just beware of our attack droids.)

*Upfront payment and check of galactic credit history may be required for some species and races.